Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Punchbuggy Tour in Philly as experience by Matt Wiegle

Our friend and cartoonist extraordinaire, Matt Wiegle, posted some great snippets of his Punchbuggy Philly experience on his blog as part of a series of hourly comics he did that day. Check it out, won't you? Here are some of the Punchbuggy related ones.
This one is our friend Sally Bloodbath "opening" for us with a live comics drawing! Her computer died and ate her files so she couldn't do a PowerPoint thing, so I had her recreate the comic live on a big piece of butcher paper taped to the wall. It was amazing.
Afterwards we went to a bar and drank a bunch (even though we had gotten way blasted the night before and all day spoke of "just one beer" that night) and before Sally drove us back to her house, Gabby and I drunkenly performed a rendition of Last Caress on ukulele for everyone on the sidewalk. It was rad.
The next day, we were supposed to go out for brunch with Sally and Matt, but Sally had to do an errand so it ended up just being us and Matt, which was also fun as heck. Above, Matt shows me and Gabby trying to figure out a good design for our tour tattoo, followed by the massive sounds of the Grimace's departure.

For the record, our final tattoos came out like this, and we got them at Electric Tattoo in Bradley Beach, and you should go there if you need a tattoo in Bradley Beach:
Gabby changed his mind at the last minute and got "YMD" which means "Your Mom's Dick." It was okay though, because we all still got the little robots.

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