Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Asheville, NC tonight at Downtown Books & News

Tonight we'll be reading at Downtown Books & News in Asheville, NC (67 North Lexington Avenue) at 5:30pm!

Last night we stayed with comics' own Dustin Harbin in Charlotte, NC and his adorable dog Buddy. The alternate name of this tour is, by the way, the "Petting Dogs Across America" tour.

Dustin has been a great host and even cooked us grits this morning! Yesterday we gave a talk at Duke in Durham, NC and upon arriving at the grand campus of Duke University we stumbled across the rare books room, which was amazing.

The talk at Duke went decently, we had maybe 12 people in the audience because the room was kind of hard for people to find (including us, haha) but there was a bunch of free food and we even sold a couple of books to new readers, which is always cool. The staff at Duke were amazingly helpful and kind and we truly appreciated their generosity in trying to help us out on our tour.

In addition to reading from our books, we took part in a panel discussion moderated by Rob Clough on the topic of gender in relation to our work. After the event, we milled around signing books and talking to people and then drove Rob in the Grimace to a Mexican joint in town called Chubby's, where I ate a burrito the size of Gabby's head.

We had a great time hanging out with Rob and his wife at Chubby's until it was time to head to Dustin's house for the night.

Tonight: Asheville!

Last night at the gas station

5 days of photos up

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Punchbuggy Tour off to a great start!

We had a great adventure in a store called Outdoor World where we went looking for a camping stove and walked out with no stove, but the experience of a lifetime. Most of all, the three of us enjoyed the laser shooting range enough that we didn't want to leave.

Only a few days in, and this is what the van looks like:

Eventually we escaped Virginia and after driving down some desolate roads we arrived in Durham, NC where our next event is scheduled at Duke University tomorrow. If you're in the Durham, NC area, come check us out!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Audio Road Journal #1

Listen to it online by clicking here. I believe you may also be able to download it. Roughly 15 minutes of me rambling about the tour, my husband Zane, and failing to find a suitable white jacket for the Ignatzes. The quality is crappy because it was my first time using the digital recorder so I put it on the "long play" setting, which makes it as crappy sounding as possible. Also I am an idiot and was playing records in the background, which makes it hard to hear.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009